reset the yi nerfs

the nerfs killed it the main weakness of yi was cc and you punish yi players for building tank so tell me what do you expect do you really hate that champion so much ? yi was in a good state not op not under powered everything was great then you do this i just don't get why ? please just undo the changes this is just stupid i won't be surprised if the win rate dropped to like 45% as a yi main this is just disgusting for me yi has not seen any pro play in what 3 seasons or something and they're is max 50 challenger yi players so why nerf him Just why? Please riot undo the nerfs and if you must add something to compensate i don't know make his w block any incoming cc for the first s its cast so you can do an auto attack again and if timed right dodge a spell but it would be just better to reset the nerfs
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