Rp prices??

So yeah. I live in Lithuania, that's in europe and I don't have bank card. So to get RP for me is really hard or prices are to high. When there was double ip weekend (August 28-30) I grinded ip whole day, litteraly from morning untill evening. So I finally got enaugh IP to buy Yasuo, but other day I didn't wanted to grind 12 straight to get zed. Then I thaught, but what if there's an easier way to get Rp then with credit cards. Turned on pc, league went to "Purchase RP" and looked at choices. There were some things that I didn't knew existed like "Skrill, Ukash" ect. Then I saw option to pay with sms. But after I saw prices I got shocked. Took out my calculator, bcause I'm too lasy and started counting. So Imagine there's Bob and me. Bob has credit card. He pays 10$ (didn't find euros mark :DD" and gets 1580Rp, then pays 2.50$ to get 350 rp. Now he has 1930 Rp by paying 12.50$ But on the other side there's me, I choose to pay with sms, bcause I don't bave credit card. So I pay 13.02$ To get 800rp and another 4.35$ just to get enaugh Rp for 1 champion. So I totally paid 17.37$ and got 1 champion. So in the end I payed 17.37% for 1 champ and some Rp that left, like 200rp and Bob payed 12.50 and got 2 champs and some rp left. That is fking retarded. I just realised how much cost and amount of champs you get changes depending on how you pay. So yeah, I'm pretty mad right now, but there's another thing. Why can't they make us able to pay in kiosk. Idk how it's called in UK or USA. I can buy cs:go skins from there. By printering one pieace of paper and going to kiosk, that's not even far from my school. I know that Rito game won't even pay attention to this post, but just wanted to tell you what can they do. Good luck & Have fun.
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