Mordekaisers new title

Hello , on this post I would like to share my thoughts on the new title of Mordekaiser. In the 5.21 patch it got changed from "The Master of Metal" to "the iron Revenant". I personally always liked this little pun , as it was perfectly in line with all the other little hints towards the music genre Metal ( which I personally also like ... a lot ). With the new title this would be gone , so I would suggest changing it back, or to something like a mixed Version like "the metal Revenant" ( although Master sounds better in my opinion , as it puts him on the very top of it . Just what a master is ... ). Also , the might be or might not have been a Little pun towards the well known song of Metallica "Master of Puppets" , this would also be gone which would really just be a shame . I hope at least some People will find this to be interesting . Please note , that I`m not a native english Speaker and that by this there might be some ( or a lot) of errors ( the autocorrection in the forum doesn`t help with this either, as it is set to German ... ). Majbe Riot reconsiders the namechange and majbe they share my thoughts on this ...? ;) Rraune

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