Why LeaverBuster sucks.

Hello fellow Summoners, so i got basically 10 minutes to write this. The day started out so well, 2 wins, in my promotion for plat 3, but League of Legends always shows me how fast this shit can change. I started my game right after i won the last one, so there should basically be no software problem, right? WRONG. BUGSPLAT strikes again and the client, who is still running on fucked up adobe air has to patch forever to let me relog and connect to the game, by that time the game was at 15 min and obviously lost, because the opponents splitpushed and by that were already at 2 inhib turrets as i came back. You would think, ok, shit happens, alriht, but lol didnt steal enaugh time off my ass, it gave me the leaverbuster, now i need to wait 10 minutes until i get in queue, and what happens? RIGHT ! The moment i get in queue and have to accept the client crashes again, so i got to wait another 10 minutes. You wanna know what i want to improve with this post? NOTHING I just got 10 minutes of time i cant do shit but sit here and so i thought i would, instead of watching 9gag-videos whine a little in the forum. Good luck on the fields of injustice fellow sad souls who we still waste our time on this game
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