Trading IP for RP

Hey guys! After reading the Title you will probably say 'here is another stupid idea that wont ever happen',but let me explain where my idea comes from. I've been playing since seasons 1 and I have every single champion max rune pages and all runes I need. Atm i have 51k IP on my account which are unusable. Why dont ROIT create smght else we can spent our IP on (extra for summoners like myself that cant spent them elswhere). In my oppinion such a trade system would be rly nice( sure i'm not the only summoner that thinks so). Ofcourse there comes the question 'Why would RIOT lose all those money???' , and so that my idea aint such a fantasy they can make the currency a bit hard to get with IP. For example 100IP can be exchanged for 1RP. That means that for my 1000 IP you will get 10RP. Now people will say that its not worth it ofc, but every one of us has been in this place when you are short 7-13-22 RP to get another skin.This will help all players in need of small RP and make it easier too for Riot Support team and ofc for the players that have nothing else to do with their IP{{champion:53}} . As I said this is just a suggestion and I'll be more than glad to hear what summoners and Rioters have to say about it.

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