We desperately need to know our PING before we enter the game.

As says the title. I'll say it now, before I receive some comments of this kind, that I've seen some people using cmd.exe in order to check the ping, but for some reason it doesn't fit the ingame ping and it's not exactly official (at least for me). In the other words, I'm referencing on some kind of mechanism in the PvP client that can safely show us the ingame ping. Is that even possible, I believe so. The thing is I've lost so many games because of this - my ping randomly gets higher by some time and it's really iritating even for my teammates. Just to be clear, I'm talking about 150-250ms and even 500ms ping. And my internet connection is the best I can possibly get plus otherwise works perfectly fine, so also save your insults on that. So what are your opinions?
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