The - "Chat Restriction" - one and only

As my last "Chat Restriction" went up sky-high, not that it changed anything... I started to wonder, why riot support team keeps saying me its for the "reform", that it gives the players chance to "reform themselves". In my opinion even a 600 game "Chat Restriction" is way too much, because, people like me, who plays 1-2 games a day, and sometimes only like 3 games a week, it takes a half year or so, to play the 600games and if you get reported in thous 600games few times, you are getting a 1745 game long "Chat Restriction".... and how big chance, is that in thous 1745 games all 15705 players will love me and not report me? We all know how many "bad" people are in this game, and its impossible to ever, play all thous games, and not getting reported, which means, that after i will be playing for ~3years this game with my chat restriction, i will get another "Chat Restriction" instant after this one, and imagine, how sky-high the next one will be? So i don't understand, how is this a "reform" for players? Asking the support team, is useless, because, sadly, none of them cares, and all they say is > "While the Tribunal is in recess, we're unable to provide specific chat logs or reform cards for chat restrictions. I'd be happy to help clarify what's going on but it's important to note ahead of time, we will not be removing or reducing the number of chat restrictions placed on an account" And no matter what I'm saying to them or writing, the only thing that they are replaying is something like this and that... > I understand your frustration, but this action was taken against your account because it showed higher than average levels of toxicity in your games. We investigated and determined that your account was in clear violation of the Summoner’s Code. > > We determined that your consistent behavior warrants this punishment, and will not be removing or adjusting it. Is there really none logical thinking person in support team? No matter how you look at it, 3 years of chat restriction with current system is completely broken, and i **refuse ** to believe that there is nobody who understands this in riot team. Thanks. **And as for the conclusion, as I'm writing in the "suggestions" section. I would simply say, that the "Chat Restriction" system should get a remade, and no player, even the biggest flamers/toxic players deserves a 3++ years long "Chat Restriction".** I understand how much frustration it gives to the weak personality players, in this game, when someone writes to them "why you do this?" or "you are bad", but shouldn't thous players not play online communication games then? I often getting reported because a player doesn't knows how to play, and when you try to say them "do that and that", just to help them, you instead are getting reported for toxic and punished with a 3 year "Chat Restriction". A while ago, a support team representative, here in league of legends, told me "Don't say to players, that they are bad, instead help them" but when you help you are getting restricted, seems kinda illogical to me. Thanks. _Hope someone will try to make this community better and is waiting with me, that one day it will get so._
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