Ranked, afk

Doing something about people who go afk, instead of relying on the community to report them, why is it, that RIOT, leaves this to us to handle, i just lost a very good placement, due to some kids, who just come in to feed, (in a ranked match) and then leave, how is this even remotely fair to the other players, why not instead of leaving that to the community alone, why not do something about it RIOT, how about this, when someone goes afk, you null the dam match, so that it doesn't count, or do you guys find this impossible to do, i have sent email after email after email, trying to get you guys to understand how disappointing we vets are getting with your game, example (little kid, pays someone to boost their account, then in level 30 comes in ranked, and just feeds and rage quit, not everyone reports him, coz it did not affect them, thus affecting players like me, i have spent allot of time, and im much higher rated than the idiots im playing with, i have no idea how the shit works on your end but i would make some drastic changes instead of just making it look nice) so please i hope there is someone with a legitimate answer from RIOT as to why this is not there, why punish all the people and thus also creating the bronze league which is full of flamers, and feeders, and only a hand full of people that are serious or atleast wants to enjoy the game
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