Season 6 Ruined The Game

I have been playing a bit and I must say I am very disapointed with the changes in the game: - adc's are too overpowered at the moment - removal of mana potions - AP champions are weaker due to the new masteries change - Many items have been nerfed at the cost of adding passives, this doesn't bother me that much but it might make things harder for new players... - Health potions cost 50 gold now! :( and they removed the green wards. All of this made the game so unbalanced that I can't see myself playing this game anymore... might aswell just start playing HoN or Dota 2 now :/ I hope that Riot will fix a lot of the unbalance in the game and only then i will come back... It's still preseason after all, so I hope things will change.

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