Homeguards plus maybe bad geo-data between champions

It has come to my attention that in very small spaces of time you do not have enough time to press [alt + R] but it is quicker to just move the cursor over and press [R] i did this and {{champion:54}} was somehow inside me (well i was inside him) so when i used {{champion:10}} [R] it activated on him, that may not be a bug you could say it could be me in-accurately targeting myself, which people do and i have done it before, but i believe he was on the exact same spot as me on the map as an RTS game i find it "anti-clarity" as Riot may put it. The second bug i would like to report are home-guards In the very match i am talking about above i used home guards and it literally took 10 seconds to activate after stepping back onto the merchant / respawn platform and then again just where the inner turrets are being attacked i quickly stepped back onto the respawn platform and likewise it did not activate...and thus the game ended, and that is the end of my report.
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