Dominion revamp suggestion and minor bugreport.

Part 1: **Dominion rework (suggestion)** Hello League of LEgends community and developers, Dominion is the least played gamemode out there, for one reason because League of Legends player aren't used to play strategically... and the other 2 reasons being the score system that is not balanced and the map not being very interesting. Capturing specific points and holindg them is well known in videogames and in real life combat, and this truelly is teambased because one can't win in this gamemode alone but the scores are still very egoshooter based. Example: I participate in over 2/3 of all point captures my team does, leading them usually... And most of the time an enemy tries to come near and interrupt the capture, I leavea the capture zone and hinder/prevent them from coming near... and even tho thanks to that our team got those multiple capture points, I don't recieve any merits/points/scores for that. I think that shouldn't work like that... as my actions were valuable to the team, I should have recieved points for doing so. From my point of view, the map doesn't really suit the game... and the way it works. I would recommend a fortress styled map or some village or cave theme... something to capture and with less geometrically aligned capture points... in other games you capture a point by standing on it while not taking damage or being in a fight. Whatever, I hope dominion will also recieve a map update and that it will grow in popularity someday. Part 2 - **Bugreport**: When Anivia turns into her eggform, the visual artifact of Fiora's Passive that appeard before Anivia died (to be reborn) stays... and can be confusing when there are multiple (2) visual indicators for a vital spot while only 1 works.

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