Tribunal Improvement

I have a great idea to improve the **Tribunal System**... its very simple really. Just add the Tribunal onto the LoL Client... this way, more people will use the tribunal to judge cases, since it will be easier and more accessible. Since more people will use it, more cases will be judged and taken care of. At this time, our reports dont matter sh*t and nothing ever happens, and nobody ever gets punished for trolling, intentional feeding, etc. only leaver buster works, which is automated, and it actually doesnt even matter since i get my defeat anyway, and no Loss Prevented. (this needs to be improved and implemented right, as well)* Its like real life: if the justice system works right, people are discouraged from doing crimes. if it doesnt work, nobody fears punishment, since it doesnt get served. I hope the right people see this since it can drastically change the game to the better, and thats what everyone wants really. ***PS:** We NEED Loss Prevented ASAP. its not right and its not fine and its not ok when 4 people get punished for having the bad luck of getting matched with a leaver, or someone whose client/game/connection doesnt work. at least, when someone is afk for more than half the game, we should have a Loss Prevented, or at least when certain requirements are met, like many afk reports, or when tribunal judges that there actually was a leaver, and not an exploit, or when someone is afk for mor than half the game, etc etc. you are the Devs, you should take care of that. Just do SOMETHING about it. its not right for 4 people to be punished because someone never logs in the game, or leaves after 2 deaths.... Thank you
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