Remove the support role from the game

Nobody ever wants to play support. Everyone wants to "carry". So why keep such an ugrateful role in the game? E.g. a few games ago I was playing Thresh and my adc, Jinx, got a tripple kill before the 4 minute mark. As you might suspect, this wasn't entirely her achievement. Yet, everyone was like "honor Jinx", "great job, Jinx" etc. I don't really mind playing support, but you feel like nothing even depends on you, nobody credits you for anything (but as far as blaming is concerned - that is another story...), and unless you wanna fight your teammates in pre-game chat, you have to accept the support role in every fucking game. That gets really old. So how about expanding the jungle, so that there could be 2 junglers? Or creating another lane, or making the game 4v4?
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