Rito you got report for SoloQ timer...

Report Rito :D
SoloQ timer over 40 minutes.. "Estimated Wait: 1:47" Report Rito :D ▽ Music was provided by NCS ▽ Song: Anikdote - Life Is Over [NCS Release] ▽ https://youtu.be/0GgBRanQxf4 ▽ Anikdote * https://soundcloud.com/anikdotemusic * https://www.facebook.com/D.H.Producti... * https://twitter.com/ANIKDOTE_MUSIC * https://www.instagram.com/anikdote_mu...
Seriously guys what is wrong with this arranging team these days? Almost every queue is over 10min. Only supports can go insta in champ select, is there really like 5% of people that actually play support? -.-'
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