Idea for a champion

I came up with a idea for champion, I don't currently know how he would look but I came up with idea of his spells. Sorry if you find some grammar errors keep in mind that english is not my native language ;) Passive: Places 3 knives at targeted location on map (must be near that location to be able to put those knives) And maybe something like for evert ad he gains ap and other way same, because i would like him to be hybrid champion (choose if it is good, i dont want it to be over powered) Q: Throws a knife in the target location, if it hits any target it marks them for very short duration and you can port to that target (not fly like lee sin just vanish from location 1 and appear at location 2); knife hit deals medium dmg (scales with AD), appearing to target none W: On cast applying self buff which increase armor by little and increase damage done (not too much maybe on max W rank like 10-15%(scales very little with bonus AD or no scaling at all) E: Enhance next auto attack (visiualy i would like to be like blue sphere), it can reset auto attack animation, scales with AP (so damage of that spell would be something like auto attack damage + %of AP) R: It would be like he has two ultimates, but he could choose between two possible things. First would be teleporting on knives he places with his passive and after that spell would go on cooldown. Second possible use, while ultimate is activated if he throws Q, ultimate goes on cooldown and champion gains self buff which reduce cooldown on his Q to 1 sec and it would last for like 5-6seconds I would make him look skinny with blonde hair and wielding a knife in his left or right arm and having couple of knives on his belt.

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