Here's a thought of a very useful/much needed feature I most of us have thought about: **TABS!!!** Mostly in these forums I've seen players especially interest and mentioning tabs for when you're choosing your champion in the Champion Select screen. ... But I want to go a bit deeper on this! And before you even enter Champion Select! Have you ever bought yourself a bunch of new Rune Pages and Runes to get yourself set, but find in the end that you would like to have them correctly organized and ordered?! Same thing for Masteries perhaps?! You'd like to have all your ADC pages together, same for jungle and same for anything else but it isn't because you have to do and undo most of them again?! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Then I suggest/challenge to you, dear Riot, to make that happen... How? Very simple! Options are: #1. Replacing the numbers that select each page for the title of the page itself (large version) {{item:3137}} This option is and possibly the most attractive choice, having your pages names displayed just like the tabs on your browser. The title and, if Riot is feeling generous, a little suggestive icon for the page ;) {{item:3902}} The downside is, as the title may get a bit large, this option is limited to a maximum of +-10 pages. From this on, the title displayed would be shortened and ending with ellipsis '...' #2. Keeping the condensed version (numbers or something else to suggest/distinguish what page it is) {{item:3137}} This is where it gets tricky. As of my own opinion, I think the numbers display is a bit outdated and could use a little work. Going back to the icon idea, this would end up brilliantly as long as the icon is small enough to fit the space where the numbers are now and they are very suggestive and legible. Icons like the Items', Summoners', Champions' or even Masteries' images could be an option among others {{item:3902}} As the icons will be quite small there must a concern about the legibility of the image so that it doesn't look like a blur and is still distinguishable from any of the others. #3. Redesigning the Rune and Masteries Page Interface (and possibly, the whole Player Profile design) {{item:3137}} This option would be a great update to an interface that has received new features over the years but the design itself hasn't changed. Not that I don't like it, but for example, just like with the New Champion Select coming up, I like the current one, but DAMN! The new one's design and animations look badass :D {{item:3902}} However, this is the toughest and most time consuming task and with that said I'm leaving this just as an idea for the future ;) No pressure, Riot! :P Personally, in a short time space, I much rather see Option #2 being implemented as the icons would be the most appealing feature. However, if you can think of a better way of improving this, feel free to reply here :) #TL;DR Let's not forget the main issue here (which I might have might diverged somewhere in this post) :P The main feature here is the have the option of **reorganizing your own Rune and Masteries pages just by moving the pages around and reordering them anyway you'd like just like browser tabs** instead of the boring current option of do and undo the pages all over again. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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