Suggestion: Removing the In-Game Chat

So I noticed this poped up in several discussions all over the Boards and I thought it would be cool to have a poll on this. Below are some quotes from other topics and Players commenting on this. **Zerelous (EUW)** - I just think that they should abolish the in game chat and change it for a automated system that tells you information you would normally tell each other like time until buffs and objectives so mid lane can have blue and teams can group for objectives and leave it at that. If people want to chat outside of pings, we have team speak and skype for that, the chat is just a function that is too easily abused and since people of all ages have shown they cant use it responsibly, why have it at all? **Frantic Furball (EUW) **- The chat in this game is completely unnecessary for all intends and purposes. Just give us pings for "Ward here" and "Enemy spotted here" and we are fine. **Shozis (EUNE)** - As suggested chat should be completely removed, and more pings added. The League community doesn`t understand that the purpose of chat is not to flame someone so this community does not deserve and is not ready for such feature. Eventhough it`s a different genre Hearthstone is a great example of chat removal. If you want to make friends or flame someone you add them after the game instead of ruining someone`s experience during the actual game. **I wont poste more opinions yet because I want to see yours =) I hope you participate! **
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