[BUG] Yasuo Q (Steel Tempest) is cancelled when Yasuo is stunned during the casting

Hi guys. So the core of the problem is that {{champion:157}} 's Q will go on cooldown when he is stunned when casting it, without dealing any damage whatsoever. "Is this a bug though?", you may ask. The answer is yes, yes it is a bug. No other ability goes on full cooldown when its cancelled, also no other non-channel ability can actually be cancelled. This is the core of the problem, Yasuo's Q should still deal damage when cast just before being stunned. If you're not convinced, let me talk you over an example. I'll be comparing Ezreal{{champion:81}} 's Q, Mystic Shot, to Steel tempest. Both are sort-of-auto-attacks, as in they scale with ad, and apply on-hit-effects. Let's say we play against Taric{{champion:44}} , who has a point-and-click homing stun. If taric uses his stun on Ezreal, it is wise for the ezreal to cast his Q JUST as the stun is about to hit him, because he will cast his Q during the stun, I.E. the ability will still go off. Now, if you do the same thing with Yasuo, and cast Steel Tempest just as the stun hits you, the animation of Yasuo pointing out his sword is still shown, during the stun, as you would expect. HOWEVER, no damage is dealt and the ability WILL go on cooldown. I sincerely hope this can and will be fixed. Greetings and goodluck on the Rift, Alt
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