Ranked Season 6

2016 Season Update
This upcoming season we're replacing the solo/duo queue with a dynamic group queue, where you'll be able to climb the ladder with any number of teammates, going from single participation all the way to a full team comp. There's no longer a penalty for players ranking together, so the benefits of grouping up will always prevail.
OK rito i think u have the wrong ideia about ranked games. yeah ppl rage, ppl cry and ppl try to make u feel bad by criticising your every move. But changing soloqueue or duoqueue to a ranked team 2.0 that enables ppl that now each other to crush your game and make u feel like shit. So like many ppl i believe this update on the ranked system is not a thing to be consider so please follow the advice of Shia Labeuof and add a dont and we have: JUST DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It s not only me that thinks that this is a bad ideia just look at the commentary section of th link and many many many many many ppl think the same way! And if there are ppl out there that think the same way please comment lets try to change this ridiculous ideia! #JUSTDONTDOIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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