[SUGGESTION] Different half maps for more game diversity.

I don't know if it has been asked but here goes. Since league started, there have been several non permanent game modes that have been created. But for some players, diversity in the game is something that we look out for. there have been diversity for champions and such so i want to focus on the normal maps, not a new game mode or champ. Riot created a new map for ARAM and music for the 5v5 map for the bilgewater event. but it went to waste now. How about expanding this feature? What i would like to see is half maps based on the theme of the team for the game. (meaning changing from game to game). the theme would be based on the majority of champs in the theme. skins can change the theme. example : pantheon is mount targon themed but slayer pantheon is halloween themed. there are several possibilities in this case : 3-1-1(same as 3-2 ,2-1-1, 4--1, 5-0), 2-2-1, and 1-1-1-1-1. (THE NUMBERS REPRESENT THE NUMBER OF REPRESENTATIVE FOR A THEME IN A TEAM) example : 3-1-1 (no problem, the theme of the half of the map goes to the biggest party). 2-1-1 : (I don't know how it would end, maybe choose according to the mmr or just randomly between the two themes). 1-1-1-1-1 : no dominant theme so the lambda map. I think it would expand greatly the diversity wiyhout creating new stuff, it would be mainly retextures and tweaks (maybe a full overhaul but they did it for the bilgewater aram). the listing of champs and skins in arrays would be fairly easy being a student programmer myself but the thee map could be a problem. maybe create a lot of maps and load the correct one for the game (could make the game heavy) or construct it on the go from half maps. But wouldn't that be cool to have for example bilgewater vs snowdown really represented through the maps ? I think that would be worth doing (if anything is not clear, please ask)

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