Here is why the elo rating system is a scum(and should be replaced by a standar algorithm)

**The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in competitor-versus-competitor games such as chess(wiki)**. Competitor vs competitor means **one vs one or a team vs team**. In 1 vs 1 we have to do with the elo rating of two individuals, common thing in team vs team we have to do with the rates of two individual teams. So far, the Elo system works nicely for LoL on Team Ranked Mode. But, when we have a Solo Ranked Game, the elo rates are not calculated for the two competitors(teams) but for the 10 participants.** That's totally wrong and unfair. **There is no logical explanation behind this rating system. The only logical explanation for this rating system would be that the teams are created by players of the exact same elo, but this is not happening at all. If Riot and League of Legends respect their selves, they should change this tragic elo system. In my opinion _**best rating method would be an algorithm that will be based on the lcs way of play and that will rate every players' game(stats, gameplay, skills, teamfights joined, chat use, reports and honors)**_. So if the red team that lost has to lose 100elo then the player of the red team that played well according to this algorithm is going to lose less elo points than his teamate who played bad. This is the way also that will open the road for inviting more than one friends in Ranked solo Queue. I think that **all the players of all the categories agree that the elo rating system totally sucks for the league of legends ranked solo queue, and I insist that a pretty nice algorithm will surely be better and most fair in lol nowadays, than a rating system invented in 1900.** Wait for your opinions...
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