Let's move the focus from punishing to rewarding players!

Ok, So I ended this game as an adc with my support being simply magnificent, reading my engages and following up or engaging at the right times himself like after getting a level advantage or after I took the canon creep. At the game's end I of course added the player to say thanks for the fun game and the great teamplay and followed it up by a honor. I myself really enjoy getting honors alot, it's really something that shows people really appreciate the way you work in team or play in general. I think it would be even better if we got to write a message with the honor. So after the game, the support I played with would see: You have been honored for Teamwork by: YeahhhBuddy (Champion icon of the one I played): "Thank you for the nice teamwork in botlane, you're a great player to get in a team! :D" Personally if I'd get something like that I'd be happy like never before, and this would either make me play another game with a good mood (which affects my next game and a players attitude towards his next team. And that way you might carry that mood on to other players. Also maybe give away the honor ribbons faster? I don't know how much honors you need now to get that but I think you should get it faster since I never even see one of those (except on youtubers, but does that count? :p). I have more ideas for working around honors and if you guys at Riot Games would want some help on creating it or maybe draw it or program how you want it I can turn this into a project for you and then it's up to you to decide wheter you want it. I just hope this gets noticed because I believe this community should focus more on the friendly people rather then being the first to report for minor issues as losing your lane or not ganking (since it's not always possible). TL;DR: Make people write a message when honoring people. (+to Riot employees: I have more Ideas regarding honor, contact me in case you're interested, it's all based upon this one) Thanks for reading, YeahhhBuddy {{champion:150}}
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