Taric, Gems and updated Lore

I propose lore changes that include other champions and gameplay changes to Taric. Taric gameplay changes are suggested [in another thread](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/suggestions-bug-reports-en/ZfEb9x4z-taric-gems-and-new-gameplay) based on this revised lore. **PRELUDE LORE ** First, let's rule out shared lore. Malphite comes from a Monolith of another world. That world and its Monolith is in complete harmony and balance, and somehow that ancient neutral world must relate to the celestial being's Grove (Bard & pre-Soraka). Let's assume this Monolith existed before time and the celetial beings are responsible for it, Elementals like Malphite are to guard the Monolith and the Angels (Kayle & pre-Morgana) inhabit the world it resides in and protect it and all creation from evil and disharmony. Runeterra and the continent of Valoran is a disharmonious world where excessive magic has ruined the land. Malphite the alien elemental comes to restore the Elements, Soraka the descendant comes restoring living things and the order of Angels come to quarantine any source of evil from within Runeterra. Meanwhile, the Void pervades Runeterra. How and Why? The Void may represent a fully disharmonious world completely opposite to Malphite's origins. Maybe this parallel universe serves as LoL's interpretation of Hell; a living, breathing between-world that may be used against Runeterra should it NOT be repaired with gems (is Bard tempering fate here?). Maybe this outworld pervades all of the cosmos and is the source of ancient evil fought by Kayle's Angels in ancient times? Whatever the case, Malzahar prophesied the Void's eruption into Runeterra. Why? Maybe this Gem-less between-world knows of Gems is like salt on a potato - a cataclysmic Osmosis event of two worlds colliding. PacMan. The consistency in this suggested prelude lore is gems and magic and so Taric also becomes responsible later. **MAGICS LORE** It's stated that 'gem magic' is unknown to many Runeterrans in Taric's current lore. That's fine but I want to know more. 1. Spirit - The raw energy from a catalyst (the Soul) expulsed through exercising mind and body. 2. Innate - The unique being has an affinity for the magics they conduct directly from their spirit. (e.g. Shyvanna) 3. Gem - Filtrates and emanates refined energy from which Runes siphon and instruct those magics. 4. Rune - Most accessible. Conjures and commands magic from wherever it appears from the planet/world. _This allows subsequent brands of magic to identify e.g. Zed's Shadow; Janna's Wind._ **CHAMPION LORES** Malphite is an elemental of the Monolith. He and his unisex kind came to be in their 'heavenly' harmonious world but he is summoned to Runeterra to restore it with the same Monolith material back to a harmonious symmetry. However, this means fighting those who bring disharmony. Malphite may be the final recipe of the whole restoration process of Runeterra (imagine Fifth Element end of movie). Soraka's new-found purpose as a mortal of Runeterra correlates with Malphite's grand gesture. Bringing about her powers to heal the land where Malphite restores it to harmony. Their methods are separate nonetheless. Soraka uses her 'spirit energy' celestial magic, like Bard, but Malphite focuses on gems that deliver his purpose. According to my suggested lore changes, Soraka and Malphite are connected .. though Malphite may deny this - celestial beings subtly appear in any remote place throughout the cosmos; he's never seen celestial beings before. Soraka realizing that a Shard of the Monolith is here may only reinforce Soraka's purpose to heal Runeterra ... but Warwick wants her ass. The angels Kayle and pre-Morgana live by their ancient ideaology as part of their existence. They have purpose but constricted to only protect and purge from evil, _and preserve it to the Grove's design_ in allegiance. Runeterra is such a confused place that they cannot just exorcise this world. That'd cause all kinds of conflict and isn't the way of angels to wrestle with non-malicious things so they invented purgatory as a preliminary protocol. This practice of waiting and watching over Runeterra as evil skuttles around must frustrate their ranks, and so humans of the Freljord were ascended to Iceborn - The Watchers - which did not last long. The ranks among angels split as tensions between Kayle and Morgana escalated. Morgana serves Runeterra to deny Kayle's eternity upon it. Bard remains neutral but may be responsible for the fate of Runeterra. Who is pulling the strings? Who is manipulating? What Godly thing can do this? Celestial beings; Bard, maybe. So what is Runeterra's fate on celestial Grove's mind? * The Void opens and destroys Runeterra? * The Angels purge the world and bring their stagnation? * The Elementals & other parties restore the world? (Taric) * The Ascended of Shurima reign supreme reigniting an ancient cosmic war? * The Undead and Shadow Isle reign supreme bringing a restless undying world? - aka The Harrowing? * The Yordles blow up Runeterra accidentally? _lel bewm_ {{item:3751}} Taric - The Gem Knight. So I've recreated some lore that still is, really, the same. Just refined. Taric's lore now explains gems and his new self. So. Gems? Gems are tru---No. Gems behold the raw energies from whence that came, filtrates it and emanates it. For what purpose? Malphite knows this to bring harmony and natural order. However, for years this Rune magic as been manipulated and abused magic from Gems for too long. So its understood that gems accumulate to a planetary mass to achieve a restorative balance in a world of magic. Taric does not know this grand orchestra of prehistoric harmony and is unaware of his impartiality. Taric may still bring about a revolution against Rune magic, however. He would be a socio-political activist that conveniently helps fulfill Malphite's grand purpose where he may be unable to. The gems must have a purpose! He thought. He has studied them and by how each gem emanates he must have concluded them to be a force of good as he sees how it improves a broken world -- _"Magic has ruined this land"_ . His impartial role also correlates with Soraka's and Malphite's purpose though Malphite may be discerned. If the world was not so out of balance he'd probably kill Taric for his impartiality does not bring discord to a disharmonious world where it may do if it was harmonious. **THANK YOU FOR READING** Read more of my revisions at [Lore Revision Contributions #1](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/F0IzJb5v-lore-revision-contributions-1) thread.
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