New Ability Ideas for a Support Champion

Hi guys, so I was thinking about what a Support Champion would be nice next so these are my Ideas: Q: Healing Shield a relativly weak shield, if it is not damaged, it will heal the shielded target W: Under my wings a short gap closer in any direction (think about it like Lucians dash) the twist: you can carry an allied champ with you (the thought about this is to make adcs more mobile or to help weaker players) if some skillshots hit while dashing they hit only the supp E: Follow me small lights or stars who stay on the map and give some vision (like shrooms) if an enemy comes too close he will be pulled in a direction the support decided before of course those lights can t be positioned near towers, take a time to arm and have a cooldown before an enemy can be pulled by one again R: Passage an allied champion is stealthed by 2 sec if the supp it self is stealthed at the end it will fear the enemies in a small area around it. While passing the stealthed unit fears the enemies for 0.25 secs. It can also pass through enemies. (actually we have no supp with stealth so i thought it would be fun to have one, even though it is probably hard to balance) So much about that don t know what the passive could be. For the champion design I d like to add the support to the Team Shurima by getting inspired by Nut, the godess of the sky. She is often depicted as a blueskinned woman with stars all over her body, she is also sometimes wearing wings. I hope you liked it, if you think something should be changed about the champ please comment. Sry for any grammatical mistakes i might have made. English is not my first language aleaiacta
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