Possible solution to get rid of trolls, afkers, feeders and toxic players

Hello LoL community, I tried to approach RIOT with the possible solution that is addressing those specific players we like to avoid in the game: - trolls - feeders - afkers - quiters - flamers/insulters After more than 5 years of playing this game, and over 7k games (normal, ranked, aram etc...) i have not seen any kind of improvement in the League of Legends community in game. We are considered to be one of the most toxic communities currently in gaming. Main reason of so much rage and anger in the game are these specific players that can find various ways to ruin the game for the people actually willing to improve. I think its a rarity to find a player that was trolled in any of these ways in ranked games that was cool head after or during the game. Since the game outcome is based on team play rather than solo play, these individuals can influence directly the very outcome of the game. And do we have a solution how to stop this from happening. Yes! The only solution is to ignore the player and pray to the divinities that the enemy team will made a mistake. But mostly the teams with these specific players will lose, making us angry that we invest so many times trying to improve and advance just for someone who has issues with his personality to destroy and shatter it in front of our eyes. The only solution we actually have, when we are demotivated to play is waiting for 20th minute and casting SURRENDER vote. But i believe there is actual solution before 20th minute that can be implemented in the game, helping us, fight these type of players. I think we deserve to have an option called VOTE KICK. Vote kick - should be open for players to vote, after 5 minutes of in game time. The option will do just what the name says. Like we start vote for surrender, we start vote for kicking specific player, and only if 4 out of 5 players vote YES the player should be kicked. Re voting in case of fail vote (where player is not kicked) should be refreshed after 5 minutes of first vote. Vote kicked player should suffer from more ranked point loss and a certain cooldown that for the next 30 minutes he can`t start another Match Making game. When he joins the next game, his nickname should be presented in different color so that players in game know from start that they are dealing with a player that was punished in the game before. If he wants to clear his name and remove tag, he should play 3 MM games without being reported in any instance. Vote kick is nothing new in the world of gaming but the trick is here. When the player gets VOTE KICKED, his champion return to the fountain and remains afk (same as when players leaves/rage quits the game). We should be given NEW RANKED QUEUE option. Working title of the queue is SOLO QUEUE SUCCOR. SOLO QUEUE SUCCOR - the queue option where player can chose to enter the game in progress, where current team VOTE KICKED another player, or the game where someone QUIT/RAGE QUIT the game. So when a player is vote kicked from the game, another player QUEUING from SUCCOR SOLO QUEUE can take his spot in attempt to help that team. Players who like to succor the team in distress should be given info: - time of the match - towers destroyed - drakes killed - baron killed - individual players statistics (kills/deaths/assist/creep kills and build) After player review all this info he can see what champion is "sitting" on fountain, and if he owns that champion he can take his spot and enter the game. Now in this instances, players entering the game from SUCCOR SOLO QUEUE, will receive LOSS FORGIVEN in the case they lose, and to be motivated to help the team that needs help, they will receive bonus League points for saving the team. So with these 2 options, we will be able to kick trolls, afkers, feeders. And never play 4 vs 5 because of these players and those who rage quit or quit for any other reason. Kicked players should be available for substitution immediately after kicking, and quiters 3 to 5 minutes after exiting the game. Now flamers, in my opinion, are the least evil of toxic players. But still with their constant flaming, verbal abuse and offensive language they can disrupt the game play. Rather than kicking them from the game we should get another vote option called VOTE MUTE. VOTE MUTE - if a certain player gets in love with the team/ all chat and the keyboard and by the power of flaming skull becomes a Keyboard Warrior we can start a vote that will, if accepted with 3 out of 5 players, disable team and all chat to that player for the game in progress. Since the toxicity in large cases originates from malevolent behavior of players in game i think this can be weapons that can fight that war. Please vote and comment. Best of luck...

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