[Champion Suggestion] Spark - the living light

Spark - the living light (fanmade)
An unofficial League of Legends champion I designed, who is highly inspired by Ori and the Blind Forest. I do not own the images and the audio used in this video, they belong to their respective owners.
Before reading any further, I would like to say that the following champion is highly inspired by a game called Ori and the Blind Forest. However, I have done some twists and variation to make it unique and not a direct copy. It also stands out from the existing champions and brings new and complex mechanics, giving the champion a unique playstyle. Note: Numbers and information may change. His appearance is not precisely as shown in the image/video. It is just a general concept of how I image him to be. As it stands currently, I can only provide such images. This champion is to be developed further. Inspiration art: see image attached to post or watch the video above. Concept art: N/A Splash art: N/A Name: Spark Title: the living light Role: Ranged (hybrid, read information bellow) - Mage / Support Race: Celestial being Gender: Male Faction: Independent HP: 500-1750 / MP: 350-1100 HP reg 5.5-14.5 / MP reg 6-15 Range: 550 / att dmg: 50-100 Armor: 23-75 / Mres: 30 / Speed: 330 Spark is a complex, mobile Mage, who can deal a great amount of damage in a stationary teamfight or heal his team, depending on how he is being played. His kit is very diverse, but can be focused in a particular aspect. **Lore:** (to be reworked) Spark is a pure creature of light; some think he is a magical yordle, as he could resemble one. To most he remains a mystery. He is a light spirit that roams the lands of Runeterra, mostly around the woods of Bandle City. It is known the he protects magical shrines in the forest from dark beings. With his light orb he is able to defend himself and the forest from evil dwellers. It is known that his spirit orb was once a living spirit like himself, but it has transformed into an orb with its last remaining strength to aid Spark. Spark was first seen near Sablestone Mountains, where a group of yordles were gathering resources when they were suddenly faced against void creatures. Spark assisted the hopeless yordles and saved them from the monsters. His interaction with the yordles was rather trustworthy towards them and shared some of his mysteries. Then it was revealed that Spark was searching for his kind after a lost spiritual war in the Shadow Isles long ago. It was once the home of his kind, now the Shadow Isles echoes its sorrow and corrution. Spark came across the yordles that looked similar to him, it is why he felt rather satisfied to find Bandle City. The yordles soon discovered potential for Spark to join the Fields of Justice and fight for a good cause - to spread his light and once again reunite with his kind. To some, he is a mysterious spirit that roams the lands, to others – a hero at heart. Perhaps he is connected with Ionia in a way, as there are spirits that dwell there as well. He could very well have something in common with Bard, as they are both traveling spirits that protect the lands and have had previous encounters. **“I will forever radiate the light of my kind, until we are reborn once more!”** **Abilities:** **Passive: Growing light** https://www.dropbox.com/s/hcqw9sonnz7c4am/Spark%20-%20Growing%20light.png?dl=0 (to be reworked) Spark’s auto attacks apply light stacks to enemy champions, causing them to emit light, granting vision of them for 1 second +0.2 per stack (2 seconds at the maximum 5 stacks). Spark can refresh the timer with each auto attack after reaching 5 stacks. Spark can find a **Basic light orb** around the map along with **light essence**, which allows him to upgrade and modify his abilities. The orb or **light essence** is obtained by clicking on them and channelling for 5 seconds (similar to capturing turrets in dominion). Any damage cancels the process. If Spark does not pick up the orb or **light essence** within 2 minutes, it despawns for 1 minute before appearing elsewhere. The orb can be customized in different ways: **Basic light orb** (allows the use of Q and E) **Advanced light orb** (appears on level 3) provides Spark with 10 ability power +3 per level. -> **Bursting light orb** (level 6): increases the damage of **Spirit toss** and the active of **Radiance** by 5%. -> **Advanced bursting light orb** (level 9): now allows Spark's **Radiance** passive to apply a **bursting beacon** onto enemy champions. If Spark hits an enemy champion with a spell while the beacon is applied, he deals bonus 5% damage. -> **Mastered bursting light orb** (level 12): increases the damage of **Starlight** by 10%. -> **Healing light orb** (level 6): now grants the active of **Radiance** to heal him and allied champions for 50% of the damage it is supposed to deal. -> **Advanced healing orb** (level 9): now allows Spark's **Radiance** passive to apply a **healing beacon** onto friendly champions (yes, he can AA friendly champions (without damaging them) to apply the beacon). It gains power based on how much damage they take. After 3 seconds, the beacon explodes, healing the champion it was applied on for 50% of the damage taken. -> **Mastered healing orb** (level 12): Now allows Spark's active of **Radiance** to instantly trigger the **healing beacon** (60% of the damage from **Radiance** + 50% of the damage taken from enemy champions). Additionally grants **Starlight** a healing effect - allied champions standing close to the middle get healed for 10%/20%/30% of their max hp. If there are 2 or more champions in the centre of the impact, the amount healed is split between them. -> **Flashing light orb** (level 6): now grants the active of **Radiance** to blind enemy champions that are looking at the orb for 1/1/1.25/1.25/1.5 seconds. -> **Advanced flashing light orb** (level 9): now allows Spark's **Radiance** passive to apply a **flashing beacon** on enemy champions. If Spark hits an enemy champion with a spell while the beacon is applied, it stuns the enemy champion for 0.5/0.60/0.7/0.85/1 second. -> **Mastered flashing light orb** (level 12): Now enables **Starlight** to blind enemy champions that are looking towards the impact area and are within it for 1/1.5/2 seconds. Additionally, enemy champions within the centre of the impact area get stunned for 0.5/1/1.5 seconds. Once spark chooses a path to build his orb, he cannot change it. Also, beacons cannot be applied on the same target again for 20 seconds. **Q: Spirit toss** https://www.dropbox.com/s/c1id8600u41fhzy/Spark%20-%20Spirit%20toss.png?dl=0 **Active:** Spark launches his orb forward, dealing little damage to enemy units that it passes through. At the end of its range, it emits a burst of light, damaging enemy units for a larger amount before vanishing and reappearing back to Spark. Spark can also trigger the explosion early (similar to Anivia's Q, but it travels faster, has a smaller hitbox when it passes through, slightly bigger blast radius than Anivia’s Q at its end point). Once the orb has exploded, it disappears and reappears to Spark after 2 seconds. If Spark does not have his orb on him, his ranged auto attacks become melee. (Thus if Spark casts his Q, he cannot use ranged auto attacks during that time) Cost: 80/85/90/95/100 mana; initial damage 30/35/40/45/50 +40% AP; secondary damage 50/60/70/80/90 +50% AP; cooldown 10/9/8/7/6 seconds. **W: Leap/Bash** https://www.dropbox.com/s/wywde5hx5ynnclv/Spark%20-%20Leap%20Bash.png?dl=0 **Active:** Spark leaps over a short distance (similar to Gnar). However, if he targets an enemy champion, minion or monster - he bashes them, creating a fixed distance between him and the target while knocking them back in the opposite direction (slightly damaging them with the knockback, which is 1/3 of the leap distance). Spark can choose which direction to dash through them (with an indicator similar to Gnar's ultimate, having a larger arrow to point to where Spark will jump towards and a smaller arrow in the opposite direction where the target will be knocked back). Cost: 70/70/70/70/70 mana; damage 5/10/15/20/25 +10% AP; cooldown 15/13.5/12/11.5/10 seconds. **E: Radiance** https://www.dropbox.com/s/cgil3rxruqzw5it/Spark%20-%20Radiance.png?dl=0 **Passive:** Spark’s orb becomes empowered, granting him increased damage to minions, monsters or champions with his ranged auto attacks (+5%/+6.25%/+7.5%/+8.75%/+10% AP). Does not apply the bonus effect during melee attacks. **Active:** Spark charges his orb for 3 seconds, which then bursts, slowing enemies in the radius and dealing damage. (This spell is charged by holding down E, similar to how Varus charges his bow before shooting an arrow (Q)) It will deal more damage, higher slow and larger radius the more he charges it. **Radiance** can be chained with **Spirit toss** or **Leap/Bash**. If **Spirit toss** explodes before **Radiance**, it will immediately trigger **Radiance**. The spell will automatically explode after 2 seconds of being fully charged. Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana; min damage 40/50/60/70/80 +40% AP, max damage 60/70/80/90/100 +50% AP; cooldown 13/12/11/10/9 seconds; min slow 5%/7.5%/10%/12.5%/15%, max slow 10%/15%/20%/25%/30% **R: Starlight ** https://www.dropbox.com/s/n9m66e45ffjlw3y/Spark%20-%20Starlight.png?dl=0 Spark slowly ascends the ground, gathering light energy for 4 seconds. If not interrupted during the casting time, he launches himself to a target location (similar to Pantheon). The target location highlights the range of the impact (similar to Ziggs ultimate, but deals less raw damage). Spell can manually be canceled withing the 4 seconds duration and will refund 50% of the mana along with 90/80/70 seconds cooldown. Cost: 150/150/150/150/150 mana; min damage 100/200/300; max damage 200/300/400 cooldown 180/160/140 seconds. AP ratio: min 45%, max 60% **Starlight** will mark the area with highlighted symbols as shown bellow: When ult has no additional effects: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a9df01hupblw94u/Spark%20-%20Starlight%20no%20effects.png?dl=0 With healing effect: https://www.dropbox.com/s/opgsk2faa52bcgh/Spark%20-%20Starlight%20healing.png?dl=0 With bursting effect: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7i0wke4m9u2szbv/Spark%20-%20Starlight%20bursting.png?dl=0 With Flashing effect: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t0vqy0kp63o6snm/Spark%20-%20Starlight%20flashing.png?dl=0 For allied champions, the target area will begin to appear as soon as Spark casts his ultimate, while enemy champions will see it 2 seconds before the collision. **Tips and tricks:** **Playing as Spark:** Use your E+Q combo for harassing your lane opponent, but be careful when you use your Q, because it will change your ranged auto attacks to melee for a short time, you will also lose your E’s passive during that time. Be very wise when choosing how to build Spark’s orb. The bursting orb is great for raw damage. The healing orb is more of a supportive build for sustain, works great when there are friendly champions around. Flashing orbs are great when your team is lacking crowd control. Save your W when you find yourself in a tricky situation and need a quick escape. You can charge your E while leaping - this can make enemies be less likely to chase you afterwards. Make sure to keep an eye at your minimap for **light essences** that appear after you pick up your orb, they will upgrade your spells, but be quick in obtaining them as they can despawn and delay your upgrade further. Use **Starlight** to engage in teamfights, as it offers great utility and sufficient damage. Keep in mind you can cancel your ultimate by taking any damage and/or using your ultimate again during the channelling. **Playing against Spark:** Pay attention to what orb Spark is building for and strategize against it. Keep an eye for when Spark goes away from his lane at certain levels, he might be after a **light essence** to enhance his abilities. Spark can be disrupted during the process of obtaining the orb/essence by taking damage. Try to fight Spark in lane as he can leap across the jungle. If you see Spark casting **Starlight** either disrupt him or warn your teammates to stay away from the centre, possibly look away if he has the **mastered flashing light orb**, which blinds anyone who’s looking towards the centre. **Gameplay:** **Early game: pre 6** When you start the game, run fast towards your **Basic light orb**, which 100% spawns at your jungle, as it is a vital point of your champion. Once you’ve obtained it, you can then unlock Q and E. During the laning phase, you can harass your opponent with charging your orb with E and throwing it with Q. The orb ignores collisions, sometimes you have to manually detonate it earlier. Keep in mind that once you’ve used your Q, you become very vulnerable as you lose your orb for 2 seconds, meaning you cannot cast E or have its passive along with your auto attacks becoming melee. Once you hit level 3 you can grab your **Advanced light orb** with the light essence, which has a chance of 75% to spawn at your side of the jungle. If the location is inconvenient, you can wait for it to relocate, though that would delay your upgrades further. The **Advanced light orb** provides with scaling ability power. By now, you should have a single point in **Leap/Bash**, which is how Spark can make tricky and creative plays as it offers multiple uses: jumping over terrain, dodging deadly situations or catching up to fleeing foes. **Mid game: 6+** At level 6 comes the great decision of how you want to specialise Spark by obtaining the next **light essence**, which has a 50% chance to spawn at your or enemy jungle. Once you pick that up, you can choose how to upgrade your orb in a similar fashion to how Kha’Zix chooses what to evolve. At level 9, the **light essence** has a chance of 25% to spawn at your jungle, meaning each essence could oppose a higher risk to obtain, especially when you lack vision. Once picked up, it will automatically assign the next upgrade, judging by what you upgraded previously. Note that you cannot pick up the essence on level 9 without choosing which path to build your orb. At level 12 you will most definitely have to look for the final **light essence** in the enemy jungle as it has a 0% chance to spawn at your jungle, be very wary, since the enemy team can also see your light essence and set up an ambush. **Late game:** Once you’ve picked up all of your essences you should then consider fighting the enemy team and participate in teamfights as your kit allows you to deal a great amount of aoe damage/cc or heal, depending on how you’ve used your **light essence** to upgrade your orb. As Spark, you should stay behind your team and poke your opponents, since Spark isn’t particularly durable. Once the fight begins, it would be wise to use your auto attacks in combination with your spells to take advantage of the beacons, whether marking enemies to stun or deal additional damage, or mark allies to heal them. **Quotes: (soft, young voice with a spirit/ghost effect)** **Upon selection:** “The light will shine once more!” **Attacking:** “I sense danger!” “Do not temper with my spirit!” “Act swiftly!” “The time has come!” “The light will never fade away!” “Let us cleanse them!” **Movement:** “Follow the light.” “The light will guide me.” “Brighten up!” “On my way!” “We all share the same light.” “Believe in me!” “The opportunity lies ahead!” “Will we ever find true peace?” “Are you sure about this?” **Taunt:** “My light is the last thing you will see!” “Please, come take a closer look, it will be your last!” “Now it is your turn to feel my pain!” “I bet my orb glows more than yours!” (to Ahri) “Another spirit? You look nothing like me.” (to Ahri) “I was hoping we would cross paths again, Bard.” (to Bard) “Darkness? Not when I’m here!” (to Nocturne) “Ooh, shiny!” (to Leona) “Do I really have to fight another yordle?” (to all yordle champions) “Have I seen you before?” (to all yordle champions) “The light will put an end to your corruption!” (to all void champions) "Your existance has brought enough suffering, face the light!" (to Karthus and Mordekaiser) **Joke:** “Maybe someday I will find a true spirit like myself.” “Careful what you wish for when you see a falling star.” **Death:** *squeaks* **Upon respawning:** "It's not over yet!" "We still have a chance!" **Upon using Starlight:** https://www.dropbox.com/s/n9m66e45ffjlw3y/Spark%20-%20Starlight.png?dl=0 “Let’s do this!” “They won’t expect a falling star.” “By the power of the light, we strike with vengeance!” “Time to end this!” “For my ancestors!” **Upon picking up the Basic light orb:** “Together, we will fight!” **Upon picking up light essence:** “The light grows stronger!” “A gift from our ancestors!” **Upon picking up {{item:3115}} ** "Rapid fire!" **Upon picking up {{item:3027}} ** "With time, we grow stronger!" **Upon picking up {{item:3100}} ** "This should hurt them more." **Upon picking up {{item:3089}} ** "I hope this is more than a fancy hat." **Upon picking up {{item:3285}} ** "Our light will reach them all!" **Upon picking up {{item:3026}} ** "They will have to think twice now." **Upon picking up {{item:3041}} ** "Sacrafices must be made." **Upon picking up {{item:3157}} ** "I guess it won't hurt to be preserved for a few more seconds." **Upon picking up {{item:3085}} ** "Beacons, beacons, beacons!" **Upon picking up {{item:3504}} {{item:3105}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3050}} ** "Let us aid our allies!" **Possible allies:** {{champion:432}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:150}} **Possible rivals:** {{champion:421}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:56}} **Future plans:** - Producing a 3D in-game model, which would help visualize the appearance of Spark. (even though I'm not an expert in any way) - Possible 2D artwork, might need some help. - Rigging the 3D model. - Adding necessary animations to the model, standard for all champions. - Something even more special, if most of the above plans are achieved. Sincere thank you to all who spent their time reading this suggestion and voting on the poll. I would be very thankful if you could leave constuctive feedback about what needs tweaking to flesh out this champion. Judging from the poll (11/06/2015), many think Spark needs minor changes. Even if these changes are mostly his stats, if Riot ever find this champion viable, they could always balance out the values. If these changes involve his kit, please speak your mind what works and what not. I strived his kit to possibly make him a high risk - high reward champion that brings a lot to the table, but using only a specific portion of his kit (above all appropriately). I personally believe Spark would be a fun addition to the league, offering a complex, but rewarding experience when executed propperly. Lastly, if anyone is having difficulties undestanding anything about Spark, please feel free to ask so I can clarify and improve the information provided. P.S. - This is my first ever designed champion, let alone my first post as well.
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