[Suggestion] for unranked champ select: Add option to only play your primary role

First of all: I am a casual player who has only time to play a few games on the weekend and i am only playing unranked games. Before champ select i was only playing Teambuilder games despite the higher waiting times because i don't like the copy and paste race to get your role in normal blind pick games. Now I am playing mid as primary role and support as secondary role (support as secondary because i am even worse with the other roles ;-) but to be honest i enjoy playing support much less than playing mid. With the new champ select i have the problem that i get the support role way too often (all games on this weekend). I know the problem is that nobody wants to play support and that you added the new system to minimize queue times but i personally would prefer to wait longer if i get the role i want to play in my spare time. **My suggestion for unranked champ select:** Add another option 'Only play primary role' in the option selection for the secondary role (somehow the opposite of the option 'Fill') I would have no problem to get a lower priority in the matchmaking queue then, leading to higher waiting times for me. I personally prefer to wait 10 minutes for a game where i get the role i want to play instead of getting the unwanted role so often. Besides that the new champ select looks great!

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