Fps drops,help!!!

So,since the last week i`ve experienced fps drops in every single game and i have no clue why is it happening.I have everything checked,my fps is always around 80-110,my ping is constant at 48,but for some reason every couple of seconds my fps start dropping by 30-40 and i start lagging cant move and im either dead or i have to recall.Sometimes i just randomly start lagging even if the fps doesnt drop and the ping is fine or everything just freezes and jitter for few seconds,then it all come back to normal. In teamfights its so much worse,because when it starts my fps immidiately drops and it drops every 2 seconds until the fight is over.I have tried to repair corrupt game files but it didnt work and now i just dont know wat to do becasue as i said it started happening to me since the last week and i had no problems like this or any other kind before. If u have anny suggestions on how to solve this issue i would really appreciate that?

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