Poppy's life quality

So as new poppy is here, and as a player who played lot of poppy I found some things that are completly bad and shouldn't work that way: 1.Poppy's passiv proc on wards,kalista ghosts etc,-So before fight you might find some wards and try destroy them but you will use your enchanted basic attack and waste it for next 10 sec, I think poppy's passiv should not proc on wards and things like that 2. Poppy's passiv scaling- Flat magic damage is really good in laning phase, and it deals pretty decent amount of damage, but in later part of game, that damage become "nothing" you use your passiv just because you want shield or something like that, It would be better if flat damage was lowered but to scale with maximum ad or hp just like passiv 3.Poppy's E is one of least prioritys in game, any of other dashes,jumps will dodge poppy's E, just things like vayne's Q,,Kindred's Q,Graves E and other short dashed like that, so if she have power to knock somebody half map away, she is probably stronger than some lady vayne or some jumping lamb So those are my opinions on poppy, tell me what do you think,do you agree or disagree, leave your opinions :)

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