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Hello fellow summoners, The reason for this post is with regards to the current ranking system and let us call say, the "flaws" with it. I understand and appreciate the current one and see nothing, let's say, drastically wrong with it, however I would like to appeal to the unlucky group of people who always seem to get matched with people who either flame uncontrollably or go AFK. I know that sometimes your internet isn't exactly working in your favour and a lot of the time the AFK would not be intentional, however the act of going AFK or flaming still happens. For about the past 8 ranked games I have played I have either had 1 person AFK and for one very drastic case 3 team members went AFK and I don't know about you but the odds of winning then are not exactly in your favour. The other games people were either furious and flaming or for the most recent game I played one player said and I quote, "We will win, the other team is very bad, I am having too much fun killing them, why do you want to end the game" To which he continued to run in die and eventually we lost an incredibly winnable game. So now to get to the main idea and my potential solution to the problem. The Ranking System works off of LP and it is a very clever system don't get me wrong, but why not tweak it a bit. We already have the new system of getting a "rating" like an S,A,B,C,D etc. after every game and then you receive your Champion Points. So basically even if you lose you have the capability to still gain LP, not in every case but I feel that subtracting however many points would not be fair if you are playing a 3v5 or 4v5 etc. Individual performance will not purely be based of of KDA obviously since if you are a support or tank you won't have the greatest KDA. Rather base the gain and loss of LP on an individual level. Take Counter Strike Global Offensive for example. There they base the rank you get placed in mainly on your individual performance. As we would be dealing with other humans the fact of the matter is one person can lose a game even if the other people are incredibly good through various reasons, people won't necessarily listen if you make calls and it becomes quite impossible to lead a team if everyone just wants to do their own thing. For example I have a friend who is currently in Silver 5 he honestly deserves to be in Gold, he definitely has that capability, he is just very unfortunate with the people he gets matched with. Now I have another friend who quite frankly deserves to probably be in Bronze 1 or Silver 5. However he is in Silver 1 purely because he got matched with people who could carry him to that position. I am not saying that the second friend is bad, i am just saying the first friend is on a whole other level in comparison however is in a much worse ranking. I understand that the system isn't perfect, but this isn't the only case where this has happened I hear many stories from people who have the same issue in other tiers such as Gold and Platinum. So if the problem continues with multiple people and people are just having a very bad twist of luck. Why not tweak it to make it better and based on the individuals performance. Such as looking at kill participation, damage taken, damage dealt, towers pushed, damage dealt to champions, dragons/ barons taken, wards placed, how the mechanics of the particular champ are utilized, etc. the list can be quite endless. This will show the individuals performance capabilities a lot more and LP should be awarded for that, not taken away. At the moment in my opinion the ranking system seems to me more like going to a casino. You can go in with all the skill, knowledge and money in the world, but if you draw the wrong cards/ team members, you lose. Why not see how much skill and knowledge you have and not make ranking a gambling game. If anyone has any question or disputes please don't hesitate to ask. I would also ask please if people could vote saying whether they would like the idea of rating individual performance vs whether you won or lost the game. I know that there are many posts like this and I just want to emphasize that I know I am not the best player or even worth being put into Platinum or any high tier division like that. I would just like to get ranked higher however so that I can play against such players so that I can learn more since at the moment I am not improving. I will leave it with saying. Why do you have to suffer and be punished if other people cannot be bothered? Regards.
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