Boots Enchantment BUG or is it legal?

I noticed yesterday I changed my boots of home guard to Furor because we were winning. After changing I still got the speed boost out of the fountain whilst having just brought the Furor (or switched, which ever way you wanna look at it) I wasn't sure, so today I done the same and it happened again and again. If I return to base and buy homeguard then straight after buy any other enchanment I still gain the speed boost form enchantment then after that wears off I gain the furor, alacrity bounus after that... Providing i do this everytime I go back to the fountain I get the speed boost for free. Is this a bug (which I think it is) or is it ment to be this? (For clarifcation) 1. Buy full boot, ( i have only brought attack speed, so it could be just tied to them) 2. buy enchantment: Homeguard, 3. switch enchanment to any of the others eg switch to furor 4. leave fountain and watch your character speed away like you have Homegard!!! 5. then in lane watch you move speed increase when you attack something! ArchaicLord
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