The REAL Problem ( Please Read )

Dear Riot, i must confess the problems i and most people have with this game. League of Legends is known to be an amazing game, without a doubt one of the most famous in the world if not the most famous. But it experiences a strong amount of criticism about its community. What i am trying to say is that League of Legends has become easy to abuse. This is one of the only games where you are helpless. You are at the mercy of your team and if you get matched-up with toxic players you cannot do anything about it. It doesn't matter how " positive " you are in-game and/or in LoL community - everyone has suffered to these " toxicities " even though they have the best intention to play the game and have as much fun as it can offer. In the right conditions the idea is flawless but these conditions are not met with our community. I personally have seen around 30 players rage quitting and leaving their team to succumb in ranked games and played 30 normal games with someone on my team leaving not counting the other teams rage quitters. In more than 70 games i have played there has been a troll either on my on or the opponents's team who ruins the game for everyone and your work to make people have fun.They mostly say the same thing: " lol idc(i dont care ) noob fuk u ". With no excuses these " assholes " waste the time people have sparred so that they can relax and play a game and in the end they themselves become "assholes ". And the reason i'm saying you are helpless in it is because there is no correct way to respond to this. You may say the right thing to do is to not pay attention but for anyone who respects himself that is impossible and in the end you are going to throw all the frustration from the game on someone who doesn't deserve it. If you try to " communicate " with the toxic player the most that's gonna happen is either him not understanding you/not caring or you yourself starting to become toxic in chat. As we all know leaving is not an option. To give an example of the whole " leaving idea " : Imagine you are outside and are going to play basketball or football or something else and just as you start somebody says " i'm gonna troll on purpose ". You would leave at the instant but in LoL that is not possible for anyone who actually enjoys playing the game because he knows he will get banned, though other people who don't really care shall leave because they are not getting their " way ". Lets say you are a jungler and you are going to gang a lane but before you can reach it your laner dies throwing ignite on his opponent at the last second. Lets say that the " ignited " is over 1500 health and you successfully finish him off, taking the kill. A second after that the chat becomes flooded with the angry screams of the " igniter " saying that you stole his kill and moments after that leaves the game or is reborn just to purposely die again. Was it your fault? Did you stole a kill even though the only damage source except yours was a summoner spell that was not even going to get the victim to near half health? Your answer will not matter because what ever it is its up to the " igniter " to decide your fate for the next 30 minutes and, if you are easy to get to, the entire day. This however is a more relatable case as the one leaving/taking revenge by feeding really believes that he himself is a victim. There are cases where people directly proclaim that they " hahaaa im leaving noobs gg go smd " and do actually expect to get banned but that never happens as when i check their account match history they have games played before an hour a mount after their " accident " happens. In a certain period of time i thought that problem was fixed because of the " Low rated player queue " which i thought to be very effective but now i realise that is " an umbrella after rain ". Now there is a way to prevent this from being as big of problem it already is: my idea is: First of all - if in a ranked game a player is declared AFK then the game automatically results in a loss prevented for the 4-man team if they loose. The leaver will have a " Leave " result meaning that he will get what he deserves without bringing harm to does who do not deserve it. Second - A more creative and probably not so practical method is giving a bonus to the suffering team reducing the loss of their teammate. Whether its additional stats or bonus gold or maybe even a CPU replacement of intermediate level is up to discussion. Thank you for reading, i would like to hear your thoughts on my/other people's idea.
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