Forth ban for draft mode

Ever since I started playing League of Legends, I have known that each team had three bans, but my friends told me that there were times when that was not the case. After a little research I found that the third ban was implemented somewhere around the time when Xerath was releaced, at which point there were 84 champions to play in the game, with six bans, and the champs to ban ratio was 14. Currently the game has 128 champions (and a 129th on the way), and the number of bans remains the same. Suppose the ratio of 14 was carefuly calculated, to preserve such a ratio, an additional ban should have been added with the introduction of Zac, the 112th champion to join the Feilds of Justice (if Urf is excluded). I realize that two new bans (one for each team) would prolong the draft selection, but I strongly feel that it is necesary.
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