When will skill matter?

There are 4 outcomes of a game. 1. U get stuck as lastpick in support, still play better than everyone else, the player in ur main role feeds and has less gold than u in support who has 1 kill and 30 cs in a 50 minute game, no win ofc. 2. One player in ur team goes afk, ur team still plays miles better and u still wont get a win. 3. One player on ur team decides to troll, u are 15/7 and has over 100 cs more than anyone else aswell as + 40K dmg than all the others, still no win. 4. Trolls in champ select forces you to leave with theyr ''duo botlane'' made up of quinn and ashe, or karma and tryndamere. Riot PLEASE fix this game.
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