[By Me] A mystery between OG and SKT T1

Hey guys !! I just like making jokes and this "mystery" is just one of it. Ofcourse SKT won the 2015 Worlds , and they beat OG effortlessly. **The mystery** _XPeke_ .. Peke means Fake in my language (Faker) and X means an unidentified or unknown person or thing . So it actually mean UnknownFake**r** _Faker_ .. Said after the Finals game, in his interview : "Hi guys! 'he makes a super weird sound' I have so muche to tell you but , my English is not good so ..... Thank you and .. Thank you for shoring and **ORIGEN LOVE ME** So my point is that ORIGEN gave a free win to SKT and so in the near future ~~Faker~~ XPeke will be their midlaner .. Its like a trade *creepy mystery music* XPeke = UnknownFake**r** He's an UNKOWN SIDE OF FAKER *creepy mystery music*

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