A possible "solution" to smurfs

Hello everyone =D I open this thread since I got a little idea concerning smurfs. First of all, let's draw out the two mains problems of smurfing : * For those creating a smurf : it's long and painfull. Globally. I've created a few smurfs and I think it's far too long to get to level 30. Moreover too many games are totally unintersting and last for too long because of the mess created by the mix of new players and smurfs. For those asking themselves why we create a smurf : it can be good to play with friends, have a second ranked account etc... I know also that diamond players like creating one in order to play in normal games without having the "DIAMOND" label on the forehead (which can be quite harmfull) * For those playing vs smurfs : it's just impossible. You face players far too strong for you. I've learned the game to a few people (without never playing with them, just in spectate) and I've seen them playing vs smurfs far too good for them (maybe not diamond smurfs but some had a very good gold level. Which is far too much for newbies) Before I expose the idea : it surelly isn't perfect. I post it here in order to get it better. So any constructive comment is welcome. The idea is to associate to his smurf your main account : a system where you give the ids (username + password) of your main on your smurf account : if the main account is level 30, the smurf account receives an XP bonus and is "marked" as smurf in Riot database : as a consequence, matchmaking can, easily, make smurfs play together and let new players learn the game without being totally disgusted after playing vs an overfed Katarina. A few issues exist that we need to solve : * How about someone with a level 30 account links with the account of one of his friend, new on the game ? He will receive an unfaire XP bonus. Solution => Each time you want to connect to your smurf account, you also need to give your main ids (this will prevent many players to cheat this way since you need to actually give your ids to someone, you can't just link the accounts the first time and then move out). Moreover, both accounts can't be connected at the same time ! (Indeed, if someone is playing on his smurf account, no reason for him to be connected on his main at the same time). * Won't it create a black market for level 30 ids ? Solution => A main account needs to be active if you want to link it (same way as ranked decay, you need to play a game once in a while) Secondly, one account can only be linked to one other account. Not several. * What happens for banned account ? Solution => In order to link your main account to a smurf, your main account can't be banned temporarily nor definitively. I do think this idea will both help smurf accounts AND new players =) What do you think ?

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