Mage support itemization overhaul

TL;DR: This is a relatively long rant about mage support items for champions such as Janna, Soraka, Nami etc. The idea is to **1)** remove most of the useless mana, mana regen and other stats of support items and replace it with additional AP or other stats. **2)** Incorporate Sightstone into yellow trinket {{item:3361}} , in other words make it scale a lot better with champion level. Hello, Support items at the moment are very unrewarding and they have very low cost-efficiency, which is very weird considering that supports have the least money to waste. The low cost-efficiency is caused by two things: first of all almost every support item apart from Sightstone (yes, almost EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM) contains mana or mana regen. High mana regen is usually required by poke champions such as Lux, but even they can rarely afford more than one mana regen item. The reasons are that mana regen is useless in short encounters and even during extensive poking there is a limit of how much mana regen is required. Supports do not have either range or damage for poking in 5v5 situations, so for them mana regen is even less important and they'd be just fine with a single mana regen item or even without any. The second reason is that many support items contain minuscule defensive stats. These are not useless in principle, but in practise they are not worth the money. AP supports do not have natural tankyness, and so even with minor extra defenses they cannot tank the enemy carries longer than split of a second. This is especially true now as additional damage and burst granted by masteries is causing every squishy champion to blow up in an instant. Let's take a look at some of the traditional support items: Practically every mage support builds one of the money items, [Talisman of Ascension](, [Eye of the Oasis](, [Eye of the Watchers]( or [Frost Queen's Claim]('s_Claim). Each and every one of these grants enough mana regen for a champion that doesn't poke the enemy champions or waveclear 24/7. After one of these and Sightstone supports typically build for example [Mikael's Crucible]('s_Crucible) which grants magic resistance and an insane amount of mana regen. Extra CDR and the active are practically the only reasons the build the item, yet supports have to pay roughly an extra 1400 gold for stats that don't benefit them. [Ardent Censer]( and [Zeke's Harbinger]('s_Harbinger) also have interesting and effective unique passives, but they are also plagued by extra mana regen or mana and a minimal amount of armor, while the most important stat, ability power from which the abilities scale is also minimal. [Banner of Command]( is another example with more different minimal stats than a standard pizza has fillings. Because of this many supports just build tank items, practically [Locket](, but a tank Sona will never be as efficient as tank Leona because of their ability scalings. Another interesting point is that all of the support items only contain 10 % CDR, while it is one of the most important stats for them and you'd have to build 4 of these items to reach max CDR, which is frankly never going to happen. The reason why I find this inefficiency very frustrating is that itemization for supports is very unrewarding for supports themselves. Think about a Sona who flashes and catches the entire enemy team in her ultimate. How does Michael's augment her gameplay? Not one bit. She just paid 2300 gold for an item that's only meaningful part is the active that let's her ADC do more things. Some might argue that it's a support's job to be a five-copper-penny hooker who's only supposed to pet her ADC whenever the brat hits his toe. I on the other hand prefer to do something meaningful that actually shows on the screen, which is why I used build Mejai's and Rabadon as Soraka to get the AP to actually be able to do something. Nowadays Mejais is too risky and Rabadon's price is in the clouds, so bye bye for those. **Hence my suggestion is that overhaul these support items by getting rid of the mana, mana regen and minuscule defensive stats and replacing them with AP and new passives or actives that could for example weaken the enemy stats when you attack them. Make it possible to build the mages as actual mages instead of having to resort to these extremely inefficient and unrewarding items. And make some of the items give 20% CDR instead of 10% so that supports could actually max the stat that is most important to them.** The second problem that all supports have is warding, in other words Sightstone. Sightstone was originally implemented to reduce the amount of money supports have to pour into warding, and the idea in itself was okay. But since then the trinkets were introduced while Sightstone was kept as a compulsory investment for the supports. It could even be viewed as the punishment for picking the support, having to use your minimal wages to pay for map control that the entire team should be paying for. Trinkets were supposed to bring everyone on the team to participate in vision control, which is something they actually did achieve. But why do support still have to buy Sightstone, now more than ever? Can't Sightstone just be incorporated into trinkets which we already have? The current trinket system is such that the yellow ward trinket is very weak while other trinkets get stronger or available at level 9 for free, and the yellow trinket is generally replaced by Sightstone once the support can afford it. Why the level up the other trinkets have should not apply to yellow trinkets? Since most supports have to do warding before level 9, you could give them a free upgrade at level 6 and another at level 9, because the current yellow trinket is too short lasting with too long cooldown to be of actual use. For free or a small fee so that supports could actually afford it. It could be either stack wards over time or replenish 3-4 wards after trip to the fountain just like current Sightstone.
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