[Suggestion] Secondary role in New Champion Select

Hi All, I am pretty sure the suggestion I describe below was already raised multiple times, but I want to post it again, accompanied with a more solid justification on why it is needed. **A story** A friend of mine mains adc and wanted his secondary role to be Support. When the New Champion Select arrived he selected these two roles as his primary and secondary. As a result he found himself playing support almost 100% of the games... But he wants to mainly play adc so he decided to stop setting support as a secondary role and now he sets his secondary as jungler... **The issue** The current situation causes a vicious cycle: Support is the least selected role => Anyone who puts support or fill as his secondary role finds himself playing support in almost every game => People who are willing to play support or to fill get frustrated from this and change their secondary role to something else => There are even less candidates for support. **The suggestion** In order to break this vicious cycle the game has to track how often a player got to play his secondary role and limit this rate. Something like: - If the secondary role is specified, the player should not be forced to play this role more than 50% of his games. - If the secondary role is fill, the player should not be forced to play a specific role, other than his primary, more than 30% of the time. - If the secondary role is fill, the player should not be forced to play a non-primary role (all of them combined) more than 70% of his games. I think the above suggestion will increase the number of players willing to have support or fill as their secondary role, and that in the bottom line it will **increase** the availability of support players, and thus **lower** queue waiting time. Thanks for reading, CarryAll
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