Champion Mastering (Game Mode between "Master Champion" players)

Rito announced Champion Mastery a couple weeks ago and İ realy want to see a mode that only master champions enter , for example, i am master lulu player, and ı want to play with other master champion players. It can be like team builder, but players can choose only master champions, and it doesnt matter where they go. Cause they are master with that champ. And it will be realy cool if players can not see both their teammates pick and enemies pick untill ingame . At the end, it will be something like that; choose champion(Only max level champions available)> choose role> choose summoner spells, mysteries and runes and press find opponent /teammate. Then if player press ok he/she will directly enter the game witout seeing teammates and opponents even in the loading screen. İf u ask why “Mastery Blind Pick”, because some people can insta dodge the game if they see a master katarina, some times its really annoying to play both against and with katarina.

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