More payment options in Lebanon and Middle East

Good day Riot, I have no idea if this thread is recurrent in any way, but: -Due to the recent growth of e Sports in the Middle East (mainly through e-Lab and other companies) -Due to restrictions in resources for the majority of the community I hereby request the addition of more payment options in the Middle Eastern Region, on all servers( NA,EUNE,EUW, etc), mainly the Pay by Mobile possibility. I have worked on Two different games that dealt with Boku as provider, and the company has the option available for both countries (bought currency for them through it). Also, the rise of e Sports popularity in the region would make this step beneficial for the company. I will hear the typical "current payment options are enough", but what if a fairly large portion of the player base in this region cannot access these options? The zoning out policy of an emerging region is a denial of potential increased activity. Most of the player base has mainly access to mobile phone currency, due to ranging between 12-17 years old, and with the non-popularity of prepaid cards (Unavailable in chain stores), PayPal(no registration options for some countries), it would be a fair option to add new options. Last but not least, I have read in most FAQs dealing with this subject about conditions imposed by business partners. I do understand the implications of such agreements, but since no company is monitoring this option in the aforementioned region,, not counting the availability of processing companies for it, it would generate a minor (but available) income for both parties.{{item:3301}} I hope this thread reaches out to the League of Legends team. PS: A quick note that this region mainly uses the US Dollar as base currency for mobile payments, with Gulf countries using other currencies.

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