WE NEED more CDR items for APs!

right now only {{item:3174}} and {{item:3165}} combined let you have 40% cdr. but these items dont work with each other because every ap champion builds ONE of them. we need more cdr ap items. {{item:3152}} , {{item:3115}} and {{item:3100}} are situational items and most mages dont build them. Also {{item:3050}} and {{item:3060}} are support items. I covered above all the ap/cdr items in the game. CLEARLY there is no way a mage can get 40% cdr unless he builds like a noob morello and athene's, or he builds lich bane and cdr boots. but brand, anivia, veigar and most mages just DO NOT build lich bane. P.S. : oh, and if anyone mentions the cdr runes as a solution, let me tell you that flat cdr give you 7.5% cdr and per level give you 15% cdr making them both completely useless as all cdr items are 10% or 20% meaning that u still dont get to 40% cdr. tl;dr : title :c We need extra cdr/ap items for mages. DIVERSITY MY ASS RITO!!! EDIT: it turns out that the only solution is mixed flat /per level cdr runes for 10%cdr at lvl 18, which combined with morello or athene's and cdr boots gives you the 40%cdr. But why do we have to sacrifice runes for that? Why do we have to get cdr boots {{item:3158}} instead of sorcerers boots {{item:3020}} ? Mages already deal low damage. sorcerer boots are vital at this point. Adcarries have critical in any of their items. They don't have to put critical chance runes to get 100%. And they also have plenty items/build paths giving them crit. Mages got only one path...

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