Too loud sounds when going into queue

The sounds when pressing "play" and "launch" should be changed. They are far too loud, and it's anti-climatic to have a huge sound announce that "YOU ARE NOW IN THE QUEUE WHERE YOU WILL WAIT FOR AT LEAST FIVE MINUTES (except if you're playing support)". The background sounds are also noisy. I would be interested in knowing the reasoning behind these choices - do you assume that the players like loud sounds, or is it made so to remind players that they're in a queue? There is no way this is helping. I prefer to play top/jungle, so my wait in ranked is most of the time 5-10 minutes to get into a champion select. In the wait time, I do what most people I know do: I multitask. Go on youtube or play some simple game alt-tabbing etc. Even alt-tabbing isn't doing the job, because the background noise is so loud that you are semi-forcing players to prioritize LoL while queuing, even when the wait is so long. What I almost always end up doing is to just silence LoL specifically, but that's a bad solution because then it is easier to miss the "ready". I like the rest of the sounds in the game, but these two sounds are just really off-putting. Enough so that I actually write a post about it in here. Perhaps lower the treble or something, or just make the sound a tiny bit more neutral so that it doesn't span from very quiet to very loud in such short time. The only place that sound is appropriate is for Jax when he's spam-hitting a tower after 3rd hit.
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