Position-Reward system suggestion

Like a lot of other players who prefer to play support as 2nd role, I have the following problem: The match up system always forces me on the sup-position. I like supporting but I don´t want to play it all the time. That is why im changing my 2nd role to top or mid since these are more contested like a lot of other people (I am sure you guys see people queued as midlane asking you to swap roles as they wanted to play jungle instead. But even that way I don't get my jungle (first role). In 4 out of 6 games I am forced to play my 2nd role. I also have to wait around 5 minutes to find a lobby. So here is my suggestion: Riot could introduce a system where you gain points while playing your 2nd role and even more if your role is currently less played then others. The more points you have the bigger the likelihood for you to get your preferred role. Since players would choose sup/fill more often to gain points, this would result in shorter queues. That way people would play support more often instead of selecting mid or top, while not even wanting to play it. What do you guys think? Do you have any suggestions? _Riot can take this idea if they want, i don´t claim any rights to it._
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