Suggestion: Vacation mode.

I know how hard it is to get to challenger and stay there and when you stop playing for a long time period because you have exams or your job is demanding more of your time or maybe you are a pro player and you cant play in soloq because of championships or splits you lose your position in your respective league, my suggestion is to have the option to be able to go on vacation mode meaning you stop playing for a long amount of time and not lose your position in your respective league. Maybe you can set the vacation mode to 1 month and go offline for that amount of time and come back when you want to and play at the same league and position as before your vacation mode. It is a good idea in my opinion for the pro players who lose their position in their respective league because they cant play for long periods of time because of championships and splits. It is a new idea and can be improved and tampered with as you require. It is only a suggestion and can be made better if anybody else as a good idea to make it better. Waiting for other summoners to give their idea about this suggestion so we can make it better and hopefully get it accepted by riot.
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