[BUG] Warwick Ultimate cancel works, damage continues

**Server:** EUW **Type of Bug:** in-game bug **Description:** When Warwick ults you and you cancel it yourself as e.g. Brand (if you have fast enough reactions) then it cancels the Suppression/Stuns Warwick, but the damage per second of it is still working, as if he wasn't interrupted **Video/Screenshot:** None, PC not good enough to take a Video **Reproduction Steps:** 1. Get Brand or someone else that can interrupt the Suppression 2. Have the enemy Warwick ult you 3. Use E and Q as Brand while Warwick is "jumping" towards you **Expected Result:** If you're fast enough, it stops the Suppression and the damage it does **Observed Result:** It stops the Suppression, but it doesn't stop the Damage per Second of Warwick's Ultimate **Reproduction Rate:** Can't reproduce it alone
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