This is my opinion on the community and Riot after years of deep thinking and developing it.

**DISCLAIMER: This is not an attack to anyone in particular, the player neither Riot. This is my person opinion after years of playing and what I think of the game and I leave it as something that maybe someone can read and tie with and as a feedback to Riot's Staff.** Hello everyone, Before I can start explaining and sharing my opinion about LOL's community and Riot's relative handling I wanna make a small introduction about my self as a player, my intentions and my course of history ON the game. My name is Daniel, not that you may care for what I'm about to write, but I feel like using my own real name could put this discussion in a more mature way possible. In-game I'm known as Conifer, I've played the game for 1045 Hours, which account for 44 days of my life (straight), I'm not a professional player, obviously, and neither am I especially good in it, I don't shine, I'm in Silver like most of the people and last but not least, I'm a VERY emotional player, I believe though I'm a relatively fair LOL player. I've come to you, today, Sunday 14/9 at 20PM because I've come to a conclusion. A conclusion to a topic that started roaming my mind for all those 44 days I've played on LOL and that keeps bugging me. I came from World of Warcraft, I played that game for MANY MANY years, and after I was done with it me and my IN REAL LIFE friends started playing this AWESOME game, and I mean it. Well, like most of you know at first it's a lot confusing, I believe we were in Season 3, right after Season 2, and the game itself was a lot confusing to me at least. But with the promise of playing with my own friends, I kept going and learning and learning one of the most beautiful games I've ever played, both mechanically and artistically. To wrap this thought up, the game itself, I at least believe has no flaws. And do be careful, I'm not referring to Pro players and Pro games like we see at LCS, that's an entire different games, which is a reason enough to believe this is an awesome games, since it mutates constantly, just enough to make it different but always the same. After all these hours played on the game (and the numbers are relative) what I never liked, and I probably never will like... is the community, well... at first. In Season 3 people were already saying and acknowledging that League has the WORST community in online video-games ever, and it was the TRUTH. I dare you to prove me wrong on that point. Whether something happened to you once or in all games, we've ALL SEEN something that upsets us, and do trust me on this, one of my best friends is the MOST peaceful and "angelic" person I've ever known (I'm 20) and after 5-6 years, I've seen him angry ONCE for the first time and it was on League of Legends. What I'm referring to, about the this "Community" topic, isn't what you've might think about what we started calling "Flamers" (I played a lot of years WoW and I've never even read it on all those years, I do believe "Flamers" as a term started on LOL, I think, and that says a lot) but more about "Trollers" who are the people that purposely play the game bad, with the only purpose of making people rage or be upset about the game. Well, of course Flamers make up for a lot of trollers too, these last years I've come to hate people that start flaming in lobby chat without reason, and that is because MOST OF THE PEOPLE, even **BEFORE** STARTING A GAME ALREADY KNOW AND BELIEVE THAT THEY WILL FIND 100% SURE SOMEONE THAT WILL BEHAVE BAD, and if you think you don't, I believe you're wrong, why? Because if you do, in the end, find someone that is trolling, unless you are the Dalai Lama, the next game you'll start you will start it with the mindset that people on LOL are all assholes. (Me and you reader included. Everyone did it once, EVERY-ONE). But wait, I'm not saying that that's entirely wrong, I mean trolling (flaming is bad, apparently. Because Riot said so, I will touch this point later) because one of the main purposes of this game, is to have fun with your friends, and OF COURSE when you play with friends, you're going to do stupid shit, so I mean, if you troll a game with your friends, to the unaware people that play with you, if you're not a full party of friends, you're still an asshole, because you're making the experience bad to someone who is not part of your "community" of friends. So, relatively, like Schrödinger's cat, trolling in a game is both good and bad. There's really nothing to do with it, you either are the one who gets trolled or the one that trolls, I don't want to sound too philosophical but it seems like course of nature. I'm not done yet, trolling (and flaming) leads to something that ruins the general meaning of the game, which is playing as a team and as a team, carrying the game to victory, but this point is becoming more and more dead, since we created and developed a community that won't play together as a team because everyone hates each other without even realizing it, so everyone plays on it's own. And don't let me even get started to tell you how this point makes everything else I said about flaming and trolling even bigger. But now let's start talking about what Riot did to solve this problem and I'm sure in all these years, they acknowledged it and tried to solve everything, because something has indeed changed, most of it is bad, but still they tried. The main point of failure about Riot's handling is condemning and labeling the "flamer" as the WORST that could happen in a game. As this sounds very true, in reality it's not. I do also believe that this is Riot choosing the better of two evils. But anyways, banning and punishing someone for releasing stress, EVEN VIA INSULTING someone in chat is complete bullshit, excuse me for the word. But let me explain that, I'm referring to the flaming relative to someone trolling, I do not think that flaming against someone that can't play to a certain level cause the skills he has aren't enough is good, so that should be banned cause it only creates a new player that will only think of players on LOL as assholes and never start a game with a mindset peaceful enough to play together as a team. So, what I'm trying to say that flaming the asshole, usually the troller where you can ACTUALLY SEE what he's doing, shouldn't be punished. When you insult someone because he's purposely feeding all lanes, and you get banned while he doesn't because let's be straight... reports won't work for shit it's bullshit. (Unless you report someone for flaming) And don't try to tell me that "WELL BUT INSULTING IS BAD; WHY DO YOU HAVE TO INSULT SOMEONE1'01!=01010!". I do not accept that after decades of people getting bashed for sharing their ideas and trying to get people FREEDOM OF SPEECH and not FREEDOM **OVER** SPEECH we can't fucking tell someone "GO FUCK YOURSELF" when he's purposely playing like a demented just to make everyone rage cause he couldn't play Teemo since it was banned. And also, we're on the internet people, no one gets offended by getting insulted at. Let me give you an example, after going away for some months, and trying to detox from LOL, I came back and played ONE SINGLE ranked game, I was with Diana midlane, and there was this other champion (I don't remember which one) that was actually saying in chat that he was trolling, cause in pick order someone picked his champion and ended up giving away 20 kills, which of those 11 were mine (Of course I took them, I'm not stupid). Well, if his team mates insulted him WERE FUCKING RIGHT TO DO IT. And thinking they can get banned for releasing the stress they would eventually bring to other games if they didn't it's ACTUAL **HORSE SHIT**. So... everything that's going with this, is that if we keep going like this, and this is all already going, what we're going to do is only keep developing new players that come from other community environments to think that EVERYONE on League of Legends is an asshole, removing then the possibility for EVERYONE to ACTUALLY play the game as it is supposed to. A proof of what I'm saying could the "Carry", ONE SINGLE Carry, IMHO is complete bullshit. If you need in a TEAM GAME, to have ONE SINGLE PLAYER ABLE ENOUGH TO WORKAROUND TROLLERS AND FLAMERS TO CARRY ALONE THE GAME something is seriously wrong. This is a perfect example of how human behavior and stupidity can ruin something beautiful such a League of Legends. I don't think all I said is fixable, since it's spreading like a cancer, and I don't mean that ALL I SAID is a postulate, this is **JUST MY OPINION** of what I think about the game, that's all. I know that everyone is different and that everyone has different ideas on everything, so you're welcome to share your opinion. And please, do try to prove me wrong about all I said about the assholes and stupid people everyone think LOL players are and give me your full attention and a mature answer. (INB4 everyone starts trolling).
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