Lulu Wild Growth (R) Bug

Greetings summoners, I came across this scenario in game which I believe is unintended and needs to be changed and I would appreciate any feedback that would either support my argument or comments in general. The scenario I came across was when I was playing Lulu support, I had about 240 AP and was in the mid lane with my two other teammates. One of my teammates were burst down and slain and I was jumped on my Talon in quick succession and so when my HP reached ~220 mark I hit my ultimate on myself and I was aware that the spell actually went off following the events that happened next where my Wild Growth (R) spell went on cooldown and also Talon was immediately knocked in to the air. However, I immediately died to what I'm guessing was a mixture of Ignite and the DOT from his Q spell but I am sure my health did not increase at all as I died immediately after he was knocked up almost as though my model size increased and the Crowd Control Knock-Up took effect but the healing buff did not kick in therefore I died. I believe it may be similar to Renekton and Nasus, a few patches ago their ultimates were changed so they restore health straight away instead of their ultimates having a .5 second delay timer before they were healed. I appreciate you reading this summoners and would love to hear feedback on what you think!
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