[DEMAND] Remove Stealth-Detection

Well Hello There. Not even a Suggestion. I DEMAND Riot to get rid of stealth-detection. To give an example. Shrooms, jack in the box, are useless in ARAM because of the oracle elixir and two stealth - detecting items. In Twisted Treeline they made trinket that have stealth-detection. I don't think it's fair whatsoever. An even better example would be Smoke Screen/Akali in Ranked. u jump in lategame. Surprise! (Upgraded Sweeping Lens) How is it Fair to take away the CORE from stealth champions. they are made to be sneaky yet u create stealth-detection It's RIDICULOUS. removing it wont make them OP at all. Example for it not being OP: 20 Teemo Shrooms? No Problem Let Mundo Pop his Ult and Run through it. (Frontline /TankMeta ) PEOPLE!!!{{item:3211}} Make Stealth-Detection For Wards ONLY.
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