[FEEDBACK]: Disappointed with the ranked reset (Silver is the new Plat?)

I have been playing league since the end of S3 and have never been so sad about the reset. First of all I want to say I am not crying about my current rank after the placcements, I accept it and just want to climb back up again. But I am very disappointed with how the system is working. First of all my background, more or less like most players, I was plat 5 at the end of season, went 7/3 in placements and ended up in silver 2. True is that I had a very low mmr in plat 5 (was winning 16 lp and losing 22 more or less). Up to here its all okay, a harsh reset overall but its fine. Normally I understood the system well and the idea was to be placed low but start climbing quickly the first days as you would be paired with opponents not as good as yourself, but here comes the problem, this is no the case currently. I have played quite some games now and everyone is complaining about the same, everyone is an ex-plat player playing in silver, so roughly I get a 50% ratio which means I will soon be winning the same LP as I lost as the system will think this is the league I need to be. And the process of climbing back to a decent place in the ladder will be far too long. Riot must understand that this will putt off a lot of players. It has been very demotivating for many of my friends. I dont know what the solution could be but perhaps being a bit more transparent with the mmr system could help? Also when the league system gets in the way of the ELO (or MMR) system it can be a bit annoying as things such as what happen to me occur. I had a losing streak in plat V 0lp and didnt get demoted but my MMR went down and eventually I was being paired with low golds being in plat winning very little LP and losing many. I think the system needs some changes and would like to see what riot thinks about this. Good luck in the new season and WELCOME TO THE GRIND. MrRajsa
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