**Sightstone rework** The upgraded ruby sightstone {{item:2045}} has a passive called: Spotted: Once every 4 minutes, when **enemy vision** sees you, a indicator {{item:3363}} will tell you that its warded around here. (A red glowing eye shows over the champion that has ruby sightstone equiped.) (Also it does not make you able to clear out enemy wards but it will make "sweeper" easier and more useers have it.) Thank you, also I sent in a "_**submit request**_" with this below but I think I will get no attention about it. I kinda messed up, I purchased the master yi headhunter chroma pack **thinking it was the new project y**i. (1500rp something for all) So if you could, change so that I own project yi instead of chroma pack? Or refund rp. Anything, please. Thanks in advance.{{summoner:12}}
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